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Episode 190

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We’re never truly lost. Well, okay, maybe we’ve been turned around in the woods for a few days, but that’s just part of the adventure we’re living, right? And it’s on those wrong turns, however, that life gets hard. That’s why we raised this camp here at Project Nightly Outdoors. And I’m Mike, and I’ve been there, right where you might be standing right now. Worn down, confused, maybe even a little lost. This is why I’m inviting you to join me here at camp, where we can tap into the wilderness to help heal those wounds that were left behind from those unseen trails. There’s a special kind of freedom that lies within the wilderness. So join me now as we tap into that power of freedom, healing and adventure. This is project might be outdoors.

Hey, everybody. Welcome to another episode of project Mindfully outdoors. Thank you for joining me here at camp this morning. Here we are easing into yet another Sunday morning. And I have to say this has probably been one of the most refreshing weekends that I’ve got to experience and enjoy in some time because they haven’t been so caught up in all the transition and trying to move things forward here through the project and through camp that I actually got to get out and really connect this weekend. I got to get out and do some deep meditation and deep fishing, all, of course, on the shores and banks of the almighty here on river. I got to really enjoy a quality day on the water yesterday at my local favorite fishing hole. And really that’s all it took. It wasn’t about the extravagant wild and crazy adventure. It was just moving in, using into the most basic, familiar aspects of my fishing bathroom and tapping into really one of the most influential, quote influential spaces at that. So while I was out there, I had quite the experience that inspired today’s episode. And that’s what I want to share with you today. This concept of how getting back to the basics when you’re feeling unsteady or maybe drifted a little off course. It’s the power of getting back into the basics, tapping into those familiar, safe or even unsafe areas that need to be explored. That magic happens, that things happen, signs come. And as I’m sitting here recording this, I’m still reflecting upon the content that I’m going to share with you in today’s episode. So let’s get that word from our sponsor and get right back into it. And then we’ll gather at the end.

So we hear a project Mindfully outdoors, namely myself, recently joined the 52 Hike Challenge, and I think you should, too. Because just 1 mile a week can change your life. See, here’s the thing. We all know a hiking is a key component to this outdoor healing journey that we’re on, right? Just that alone makes this the perfect partnership. And it really is something that inspires us to stay on the right track, right? And what happens is, when you sign up, you pick a plan and they set up a system that helps you to meet all the goals that are built around that plan that gets developed. And it’s simply the goal of 1 mile a week that’s totally doable. They check in with you. They help you to stay on track with motivation and cool prizes to display that you can tell all your friends about. So right now, I’m currently working my way


through the standard challenge. And I’d love to see you visit 52 Projecthike to sign up and join me on this amazing 52 week hike challenge. I’ll be waiting at the trail-head for for you.

We all come from somewhere, which means that we carry a history with us that consists of both good and bad memories, along with events, all of which are stored in the pages of our life story. So why run from them? Or why even deny that we live through them? Because the purpose of this healing journey isn’t to wash all all of that away from the pages. It’s about tapping into all the things that are under the hood. We have to boil down and distill everything to the nuts and bolts to understand how they shaped us. See, the path is something that we walk and we carry within us this mindset and this perception. And it’s all shaped by each and every one of those events from the moment that we were born until the moment that we’re standing here now. So our job is to break all that down into bite size chunks, morsels that we can use in many different ways as we continue to walk. What are those lessons and events? What is all that trying to teach us? How can we use them to move forward? I think each and every event within our lives in some way or another, serves to anchor us. It’s. They all work in this way that seems to pull us back to the ground when our ego has caused us to drift too high or move too far away from our value system. Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of allowing ourselves to get caught up in those flashy and fancy aspects of life from time to time. When this happens, we set ourselves up to experience that feeling of the sky falling in all around us.

Now, see, over the course of the past few months I’ve been riding this wave of successful adventures and I really don’t even know how to describe it, let alone try to process it. But both the aspirations and the aspects of my personal life that, of all things, I’m trying to achieve just keep falling into place. And it’s left me not only challenged to comprehend but also feeling a little lackluster. Almost as if the stride is starting to stop. Because at times we all encounter these moments that it’s just too difficult to process. And I feel that’s where all of a sudden the balloon gets filled up and we drift too high or stray too far from our values. And when you get to that point, it leaves you feeling not only unbalanced, but just unwilling to charge into some new and unknown waters. Sure, I’ve swam uncharted water for many years now but that water feels very stagnant on my part. Because I’ve invested so much time and energy into truly getting to know myself over the past few years, I’ve now reached a place where I’m able to notice when the sort of imbalance is going on within my soul. So, following a rainy morning, I headed out to reconnect with Mother Nature and do a bit of a combination of fishing and meditation. I had to find a way to get back to the basics, which meant plugging into the wilderness and absorbing that calm in the moment presence for a state of mind. Now, during the first few hours of that trip, I was still unwillingly holding on to those unsteady feelings and thoughts. Then something special and magical happened. Nature gave me a sign that my soul was truly looking for. Within the moment, while reeling in yet another nice size blue gill, something flew overhead that caught my eye. One of the largest cranes that I’ve ever had the chance to lay eyes on. See, this was nature’s way of telling me that I really need to just continue to follow the flow of that gust of wind that I appear to be riding and let go free myself of that feeling of fear and uncertainty, because wherever that trade wind drops me off, that


land is going to be bountiful. And that was represented by the fish that was on the end of my line. While the size of fish I landed after that crane flew overhead was clearly indication, Wherever I land is just another landing point in order to rest and also nourish my body and my soul so I can grow even further, so I can move even stronger and feel more confident within wherever I get picked up and taken to next. That I must own the venture and I must stay rooted within, living to my value system. So this is just an example of exactly what is out there when you’re willing to go out and tap into the wilderness. And it also serves as yet another reminder that when you feel stuck, reach into your backpack, pull out those most common basic tools. Because when it’s moments like these or you feel off centered getting back to basics is where the message that you need to hear and feel. And most importantly of all, Connect to feel are stored.

Alright, that’s it. That’s all. That is the end of our Sunday Morning. Now, like I’ve been saying through this whole episode, It’s really all about the simple things. Those are where the money plays. That’s where the gravy is made. The moments that are touching in a quick. Anything like that all comes from the basics because those are safe areas. And when you get to that safe area, you get to really tap in and look around. Because you switch out of Survivor, but you create this feeling of all those basic needs. So you get to expand the picture and you do that. It’ll help you. So till tomorrow, get out there in the wild. Because that’s where the stillness and the adventure lies. See ya.

Hey, guys, it’s Mike. Before we break camp and shut this power down to the day to move off into whatever it is that we’ve got planned, I want to take one final opportunity to not only celebrate this little how well, because it’s a team effort, it’s you and I working together to forward our lives and build this wonderful, amazing community which is all revolving around swing on by. Check out everything that’s going on over there. And while you’re there, subscribe and sign up to get updates on all the new features. And experiences that are coming your way. So until tomorrow, thank you.



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