Sarah Ariaudo on how accessible meditation is

Episode 191

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Sarah Ariaudo

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Meditation is one of those words ether turns you on, or it turns you. For myself and my guest in episode 191 Sarah Ariaudo shared the latter of that initial response. While I simply laughed of my counselor’s suggestion. Sarah invited someone to jump off a bridge.

I think it’s a very common response because the stereotypical view of meditation, is something that we can’t see working into our lives. Or another idea that comes to mind is sitting in French specking restaurant trying to order a cheeseburger in English. I can only imagine the eye rolling of the waitress as she try’s to understand what your saying.

Of course become her job duties she is going to try to catch on to what your saying. Which is where again both Sarah and I found a common ground. We both knew that the skills of meditation could be useful in our lives. Which meant we had to work our way through the idea of how we could work it into our worlds.

Which is what makes this conversation such an important one. Because inside of it are two different angles of understanding how we were already doing the mechanics of meditation in our daily lives. From there we discovered how we branch those smaller skills and practices into this much wider aspect that encompassed the over way we live our practices.

I really think you will enjoy this eye opening voyage into just how much the practices of meditation is already a part of your life. While picking up may tools and ideas on how expand your practice.


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