Discernment comes from having boot on the ground

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Project Mindfully Outdoors

On a cold December morning is it to cold to hit the woods to stalk a whitetail. Of course that answer varies depending on who you. The same rings true about everything in the world around us. Along with any task in life the view on it with be different for each of us.

That’s because life is made of perceptions. Which are nothing more than decisions that we make. Yet where this becomes so complicated is because they are influenced by so many different factors. Everything how we were razed to our live experiences all play a roll.

Because they all shape who and what we are. Then when you factor in our value system it becomes a huge mixing bowl we have to do our best to sort through in real time. All of which happens throughout the day in a matter of seconds. So when someone says they are set in their ways. That’s where it comes from. Good or bad they have become so used to that same pattern of split second decision making they don’t believe anything within that process can change.

But, it can change and be adaptive as you change and grow. Since after all this all about a process of being more aware and in tune. It’s about the learning process to be understanding of yourself and surrounds just as much as the healing

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