D. Neal Elliott on finding the higher path

Episode 195

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D. Neal Elliott

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Project Mindfully Outdoors

Returning back to base camp for a chance to sit down with author D.Neil Elliot for episode 196 I was really looking forward to the magic we were about to make.

That is become D and myself have had to dance in the same darkness in order to get to our respective places in life. What makes this conversation so special is how it highlights two different avenues to get to the same place.

D is a much more mechanically based guy. Who really focuses on the nuts and bolts of how things work. Meaning if theirs anyone that going really crawl into that manhole of the darkness it’s D. While is down there he going figure out the most deepest complex aspects of what’s going on.

What I love about his approach is that it he can explain the deeper points of the connection and transform.

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