The most beautiful steps are walked in the rebirth

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There seems to this underling theme about how these deeply rooted heal journeys are born. A scenario that is surround by some sort of life changing event. It’s one that leaves us looking for form of shelter. After hunkering down some where to weather the storm. It’s when the winds never stop blowing,and the rains never stop falling. Where the cracks of thunder shake the hills around us, and the lighting strikes the ground next our feet over and over.

As the water begins to climb and is threatening to wash us we away. We are faced with a decision. Do we just accept this is our fate? To be washed away by the midnight storm. Or do we crawl towards higher grown? Saying to ourselves we must push yourself to adapt and find a new way to survive. Knowing that it’s in facing the storm that we can find survival and work towards the life we truly desire.

I think that Lakota story or rebirth articulates not only how we find ourselves when that catastrophic life storm hits, but also how to befriend ourselves and offer ourselves the strength and grace not to give up.

In the story, Mother Nature pits the people of the land against not only the worst winter imaginable. But as spring is ushered in with buckets and buckets of rain, this on top of all the melting snow. Making for a combination that floods the land, so much so that leave them and all of the animals reaching for higher and higher ground.

As the lack of food and conditions take their toll on the tribe more and more people begin to die. Until there is only one woman left. As the stormed finally begin to give way she is overtaken by grief after realizing that everyone including her family were gone.

She found herself drained of the lust for life, just waiting until death would claim her too. That is until one day when she was visit by an Eagle. Who not only nursed her back to health but also inspired her to carry on with her life.

It was the friendship that had been built between the Eagle and this young woman that caused the Eagle to grow feeling of compassion. Which caused him explore how he could contribute more than fish and firewood to this the woman’s species. The Eagles grandfather gave him a choice to make. He could remain an eagle soaring hight through the sky, or become human himself and give to both woman and some much more.

It was a decision that eagle did not make haste-fully. After leaving the woman a few days. He returned to her, stepping out from behind a rock. Now a human man Eagle and the young woman brought forth generation after generation of children who would always look towards the eagle for strength, wisdom, and so much more.

How I feel this serves has an aid for us is really important. Because of the symbolism the eagle provides us. It take finding strength and courage to persevere when things are at their worse. When it feels like you just can’t go on any longer. There’s a force around you that is offering that space to lean into. It’s where that energy can come from to kick start the courage that is hiding inside all of us.

While for the woman of story it took bravery to lean into her initial fear of the Eagle to accept his help. While the story dose not talk about her feelings about the reality she had lost once she found her new stride. I can only imagine she held on to and honored those memories of her old reality.

The the best way I find bring this story in your journey is this way, a disaster that caught you off guard is simple fate and circumstances offering you a gift. That gift is revive your wounded soul. It’s rebirth comes from the environment in which you are standing. Allow the fear your feeling to be the tool in which dig the hole to plant the center root that will feed your soul.

If you scared even still just blink your eyes because the courage you’ll need to draw upon is all around you. It when you couple that courage with the will heal great things are born. Never forget the footsteps that have you here. Pay homage to that past for it is now the just sand underneath your feet. Your feet will plant themselves firmly as you continue to grow.

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Mike Martin
Mike Martin

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