Dale Walsh on paradigm shift

Episode 197

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Dale has built his coaching skills to help give clients  the tools to have meaningful dialogue with their loved ones, improving family interactions. He  has an unique “inside-out” perspective of schizophrenia, having experienced both sides of the illness from deep psychosis to recovered freedom. Dale creates a non-judgmental space where family members can express their frustrations and anxiety at their daily challenges. He is intent on not only helping “forgotten victims” deal with their diagnosed loved one, but works at getting clients where they can reclaim their own sense of self.

Dale has invented a new coaching method: LIVELOVE=
Learn-Integrate-Validate-Explore Listen-Observe-Value-Express

This approach truly allows me a platform to transform perceptions, mindsets and, ultimately, the lives of my clients as I teach them to cope with the stresses of having a seriously ill love one.


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