52 Hike Challenge

Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities out there. It’s a great way to keep up on both your physical and mental health. As we explored in the episode of the podcast a mind must be allowed to roam.

Which is why we have teamed up with 52 hike challenge. As a way to encourage everyone around camp, including myself to take an active role in the outdoor space.

Karla and Phillip founded what has become a global movement of 52 Hike challenge back in 2014. With the goal of providing a life changing experience they could share with the world.

It was founded on the idea of how just simply getting out for a one mile hike week could impact your life. It’s this simple idea that will up a whole new world to you.

Whether it’s along a scenic mountain trail, state park path, a sand covered beach, or just the local park, the possibility are endless. The physical and emotional benefits are endless.

We here at Project Mindfully Outdoors highly encourage you to join Karla, Philip, us, and millions of others on the hiking trails. Change your life with just one mile a week and the 52 Hike Challenge today.

Join us today on the 52 hike challenge


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