It’s under there

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From book 4 of the meditations

“What dose not make a human being worse in himself can not make his life either.” I think it serves as one of the most important reminders left behind by Marcus Aurelius.

Since there are so many forces at play around us, all of which easily become sucked into the story our mind try’s to create. Doing so in such a funny sort of way. Where even though it feels wrong or unnatural for us to let all those things in. Over time we just do.

It’s almost like a death by a thousand paper cuts. Each minuscule chink in the armor just adds up. Take there toll over time, until finally we give in. Believing what the world hand to be true.

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How this is relevant to our story

When we concede to that onslaught that little warning light burns out. Leaving unable to decipher between what’s best for us. We just out right lose the will to write our story.

Simply because all of those labels beat us down. They think they did their job and broke you do down and pulled away from the mindset that would show you the way.

Coming from a man who had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Someone who had the world trying to beat him down, to for him to concede to their will.

These words should not be a reminder to us, but words that we rally around. To remember that the truth of who and what we are is written inside of us.

We must remember all of those outside forces are only on the outside looking in. Trying to peak in on the greatness that is inside each of us.

No matter who you are, were you came from, what you have been through it’s still with in you, the power to express the best of yourself.

There’s no outside force that can take that away from you. Only outside forces that can mute that power if you let it.

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Now is the time and place to shift that mindset. Learn to hold in your mind nothing on the outside of self can eat you from the inside out.

Introduce yourself to the amazing person that lays within. Allow him to grown from inside out. To meet the sun sitting high in the sky. This will warm the soul and guide you along the path.


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