Meditation really is fully customizable

Some of the most interesting conversations around camp revolve around meditation. It’s something that seems to come up in the interviews I share with you on the podcast.

Myself along with a number of others have given you a glimpse into how our practices have started. Throughout all of those conversations there’s been this common theme.

It’s this on going understand how much a meditation practice plays key role in this idea of growth.

In my practice I’ve found one of the coolest aspects to be just how there’s this endless possibility around the idea of mindfulness.

It’s something that is really fully comstizablre. For all of us it’s something that starts out small and simple. Like perhaps just a few still minutes under a trees.

Yet just the way a seed grows into a tree. So too dose a practice of mindfulness and meditation. Where something that starts in the field can quickly come home with you, and improve the quality of every aspect of life.

It’s because when those practices do come home with us, that makes me so excited to introduce you to our new friends at renoo.

At renoo they are in market of helping you to bring meditation and mindfulness out of the field and into your home.

By offering you the best in meditation cushions and so much more. Their goal is help you foster a better more in tuned way of being.

A level of comfortability is key to enjoying a good meditation session at home. The folks at renoo got you covered with their amazing organic meditation cushions.

Made of durable plant based and eco-friendly Materials these cushions just becon you into your breath. Which has quickly become my favorite retreat.

Renoo also stocks a number of amazing products to help you set up the sanctuary to connect with the most important piece of your universe, you.

Right now renoo is offering our Community a very special offer. When you follow the links in this article you will save 10% on your order.

Swing by and welcome our friends at renoo to camp. While your there check out all the tools they have to help you along your journey.

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