When you’re in the field you need the best

It’s so hard to believe that we are already standing on the final legs of the summer. Which leaves me a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand I’m not ready to wind down the funnest summer fishing season I’ve had in years.

Yet on hand the around the middle of August I start to really the excitement of the upcoming hunting season. It’s around this time of year I dust off the old hunting backpack.

Not only to take inventory, so I can replenish and replace the staples of its contents. But also to look for ways to upgrade the stuff I relay on.

Recently I was introduced to TITAN SURVIVAL. After doing some research I had to get on my hands on some of their gear. When the package arrived I was blown away by the quality.

After spending a few days putting Titan Survival paracord and fire starter to the test. I had to invite them into the community of Project Mindfully Outdoors.

When I extended the offer Jarod King was more than excited to join forces to put peace of mind into your backpacks.

It’s peace the peace of mind not only in the deer woods, but any outdoor experience of having the best of the best to fall back on. That makes the adventure that much more enjoyable.

While Titan Survival is best known for the paracord. They carry a full line of all the gear we need to fallback on if something goes sideways in the field.

Titan survival products have been tested in every walk of life. From the battle field to campground the outcome is always the same.

The quality and relatability are just a part of the promise Titan survival makes to you.

What’s more is they way that Jarod and team give back. Being a military veteran means Jarrod knows the importance of investment. There with each purchase a percentage is donated to national veterans organizations.

Visit Titan Survival for all your cordage and combustion needs, and help us welcome them to the community.

close up photo of deer eating grass
Photo by Bibhukalyan Acharya on Pexels.com

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