The maze of doors leads us to new friendships

Introducing Skratch Labs

If you think about the way a trail system is laid out. It’s a network of paths that all interconnect at some point. Which is why on most hiking trails you will come across trail maps.

They don’t point out your location and show you the way of the trail your walking. In a way these markers are so of beckoning you to explore what lays down a path you might not have known about.

They have a way of nudging that scents of adventure that lays with all of us. Because once that seed is planted. It’s only a matter of time until we have to find out what’s down those paths too.

Life in many ways works the same way in many ways. We get exposed to something and we have to learn more.

Recently this very idea happened to me and as bloomed into this really cool working relationship.

A few months back I discovered Backcountry Fuel box. Since I decided to jump on board and start working with them, I also picked myself up a membership to their monthly box.

I was introduced to these amazing energy chews by Skratch Labs. After trying the sample packs I quickly ordered enough to stock the backpack with for the summer.

Recently Backcountry fuel box highlight a few more great product from Skratch Labs. This time around I got to try their drink mixes and energy bars.

Which I was truly impressed with. So when I went to place my second order. I decided to reach out and see if the was an opportunity there.

The outcome of that email was the first stepping in building a great relationship with some amazing people. Which is so thrilling to me because it give me the opportunity to bring in one more facet to our community.

It’s more aspect we can share and enjoy together. Great conversations are often found durning the breaks along the adventure. Those times when we sit down to refuel.

Now thanks to Skratch Labs when it’s tricky to find an icebreaker to get the those moments flowing. All we have to do is unzip the backpack and to find somewhere to start.

What’s more is whether it’s a group trip or a solo adventure. We can rest on knowing that the greatest means of refueling is at our fingertips.

Built on the vision of sports psychologist Dr. Allen Lim. Skratch Labs is building the best drinks to fuel our drive for adventure and healing.


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