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side view of deer walking in lake at forest
side view of deer walking in lake at forest
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It doesn’t matter what your chosen query is, where to hunt can be one of the most difficult questions to answer.

If your fortunate enough to have access to private land then that’s an easy answer. For the rest of us finding public land to hunt can be mission on to its own right.

Often it’s a challenge that makes many would be hunters decide to stay on the sidelines. Simply because they don’t know where to begin the search.

With the advancements in technology over the last few years finding land has gotten easier. No matter what your reading this article on, it can be your biggest resource.

Thanks to the countless number of gps based navigation tools out there. It’s as simple as downloading an app and the search in on.

Most states offer an interactive map on their states game and fish website. Another basic tool you can look at is Google Earth. However over the past few years a few good navigation apps geared for hunters have popped up. With OnX hunting being the industry leader of the pack.

OnX has taken the guess work out of the search by logging every plot of public land throughout the country. What more is that you can lean on OnX for support in the field.

Since with the public/ private land layer on the map. it removes a lot of the guess work about where your standing at any given moment.

The other super cool thing about these technologies is that they work with your phones gps. Which means that even when your out of cell phone service range. OnX will still work.

That little peace of knowledge is something that you can hold in your back pocket for the confidence factor. While it’s not always foolproof you do at lest have a reference point to help you get back to the truck.

Last season I wrote an article about the importance of scouting and OnX is a great way to scout before you ever put boots on the ground.

So whether this is your first season in the field. Or you have more seasons under your belt than you do fingers and toes combined. If your not using a smart device based app. Make this your the season you start.

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