The deer that was almost a miss

brown deer
brown deer
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If you spend any amount of time in the deer woods then you have no doubt spooked a deer. Whether you see them dive back into the tree line or not. It’s has common as putting on your boots. Spooking a deer just comes with the territory.

While taking some shooting practice from my ground blind the other day. An experience from a few years a go came to mind. Which after my session got me thinking about deer behavior. Mostly how they behave when they get spooked.

That particular hunt went down on a opening day. Early that morning hunting from my ground blind. I was locked in on an older doe. After watching her hangout just within shooting range for a good hour she offered me a shot. When I pulled the trigger my arrow sailed just over top of her. It proved to be a clean miss.

I watched through my scope as she made a mad dash to get out of dodge. My heart sunk as I retrieved my arrow. The stories that filled my head of course, told me to just pack it up and back out. This spot was burnt out so I should move along and come back another day.

a hunting blind in a forest clearing
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My gut told me to just wait and sit out. Which is was just what I did. So for the next few hours I sat figuring that I spooked everything around the area, and nothing would come anywhere near me.

Until low and behold four hours late that very same doe came back. Relaxed and slowly strolling down the very same trail. She had just ran for her life down a few hours ago.

In all of my hunts I’ve been on, a miss meant you’d see nothing close to that sight the rest of the day unless you pressed the situation.

Instead this very same deer that had felt my arrow just over top of her. I know she knew cause we looked eyes through my scope in ha you missed me kind of way. Yet there she was offering me not only a second chance, but a much better shot.

It was an opportunity that I could not pass up and just after noon my season was off to a great start. In my eyes it was one of the most intense hunts I ever been on.

Because the small collection of things that are indeed in our hands has hunter all went wrong. When your shooting yourself in the foot like that, things are not supposed to go your way.

Which really makes you wonder about the psychology of a spooked deer. Why do they behave the way do?

Yes, it could have been just one of those happenstance kind of moments. Or even another case of put a nice camo bow on the end of it by saying, “well there’s something to be said for seeing a task through, even when you step on your own feet”.

But still that’s a good enough ending to the story for me. Because if you talk to one hundred different hunters you’ll get one hundred different reactions and thoughts on why these sort of moments happen.

I’m sure that by sharing my little story of the deer that was almost a miss. I got you thinking. Which is why in part two of the deer that was almost a miss. We are going dive deep inside the mind of a deer and try to figure it all out.


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