Guidance of the goose

flock of canada geese soaring in sky during migration
two birds flying
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The goose may seem rather unimposing. However if you’ve spent a fall morning in the goose fields, then you know first hand just how impressive they truly are.

It’s all of these subtle feats that earned the goose the role of teacher in Native American culture, as well as a it’s place has a spirit animal.

This amazing creature stands guard over such virtues as kindness, compassion, faith, and endurance. With her timeless wisdom proudly on display through her daily work. She teaches an example of how we can employ all these important traits within our own lives.

On the back of the fall winds when the cooler temperatures settle in dose she showcase her lessons the best. When her annual migration begins. Her journey south to warmer climates is difficult one.

Traveling over long distances covering numerous mountain tops and dipping fields watching out for each other. Should misfortune befall a of the flock she will stay behind with her fallen comrade. To protect and support her fallen friend. Guiding them back to health, or watching as they take their last.

It’s only after one of these conditions are met can she then return to the flock. It’s this selfless endeavor where we can see true compassion at work.

flock of white geese in countryside
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When the instinct of self preservation is set to the side, to look out for someone who shares a common thread. That the power of compassion lays. It comes from the safety of knowing the goal will still be there once the work is done.

The example her consideration for the others in her flock, serves to remind us to tend to our own flock. To treat those people around us as if they matter, because they do matter.

Every people that moves in and out of lives durning this journey we are walking, each servers to add another color to pallet. The we are using to the canvas of our life.

It’s so important to remind ourselves of this when we get caught up in the rat races of life. Which means don’t be afraid to pump the brakes and just slow down.

Repair those bonds that need repair, honor who you have around. Don’t allow all those ill willed stories to waste another minutes of time. Because just like this moment, when they are gone, they are gone.

None of which will ever return. Only leaving with more regrets to add to the pile. Honor all them and yourself before it’s too late.


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