Think then drink ( A water how to guide)

Did you know you can survive three days without water? It’s not really suggested you try to go those three days without it just find out. In fact it’s probably just smarter to take that fact has true you never prove to be fact. Most of us just crack open a bottle of water and never give a second thought has to drinking water and it’s safety. Well that is what we about to be doing in this article. In the event you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t have that bottle of water the ideas in this article could just save your life.

Camp basics

One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors in the spring and summer is through camping. However did you know that camping is something you can enjoy all year long. Well, ok so sleeping in a tent during the cooler night or in the dead of winter is more difficult but it can still be done and made to be enjoyable has well. That idea is just good for thought and some articles down the road. For this informational installment of the how to section we will stick to spring and summer camping.

Lets make a fire

If you have spent any amount of time as a causal camper or just enjoyed a bonfire in your own backyard odds are you have used the simple lighter fluid and a a match technique. I know during my year I have built up my share of stories using this method. Sure it’s the simplest way to spark a flame. However do you know how to get that fire going if you don’t have a bottle of lighter fluid within arms reach?

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