The connection that ties with fishing

Yes my passion for fishing has changed over the years. I just have my own stories, interests, and styles that have changed so much. Nowadays instead of chasing pan fish in the old Bayliner. I’m throwing my tiny boat in the back of my truck chasing bass. Over time I’ve grown to lust after countless other species but bass are what this man dreams of.

You are the presentation

Let’s peel back the layers of that response.  To really be out fishing isn’t all about the sweetest and newest in sonars to find the fish. While yes that helps to remove the guesswork I however offer up the escape I find.  You’re looking through two different lenses at the same time.  You are playing the role of prey, while thinking like the predator.  Now I’m not saying this is going to bring fish to the boat every time.  What I’m saying is that when you dial into this frame of mind you reach a connection on such a deep level it’s healing for the soul.

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