The deer that was almost a miss

If you spend any amount of time in the deer woods then you have no doubt spooked a deer. Whether you see them dive back into the tree line or not. It’s has common as putting on your boots. Spooking a deer just comes with the territory.

The tool that gets you out in the field

Most states offer an interactive map on their states game and fish website. Another basic tool you can look at is Google Earth. However over the past few years a few good navigation apps geared for hunters have popped up. With OnX hunting being the industry leader of the pack.

A season spent in the blind

Still I find that waiting is always accompanied by the process of planning. This part is truly the key. I say this because what is worth waiting for is always worth being met with a plan. Because what happens when the wait is indeed a fruitful one, is that it has never been wasted. It is indeed time that can be put to good use through planning.

It’s All Connection and Little Bit of Grit

Grit and connection have become the two words I can define my 2020 deer hunting season by. Even though I am still chasing deer this year I want to share how those two words have shaped my time in the deer woods this season.

Deer Hunting Part 3 – Solitude & Thrill

At this stage of life, I often ask myself, “is hunting my identity?” As I walk through the journey, I have been thrown into this year I have had to question every aspect of myself including my relationship with hunting.

Deer series part 2 – persevering is everything

A few years back I kicked off opening week with a private land hunt.  Now hunting private land is a rare treat for me.  So to set the lay of the land, this was a small chunk of land with a nice wood line that butted up against a golf course.  Opening morning was hot and wet.  Yes it was like a dam in the sky had burst and the repair guy was on vacation.  Leading up to the start of the season deer were everywhere.  In fact pulling into camp the night before I watched 3 or 4 does feeding and hanging out.  However for the better part of the day nothing came my way and I just sat hunkered down in some dead fall in the pouring rain. 

Deer hunting series part 1

As hunting seasons begin to open up around the country it’s only a matter of a few weeks until the highlight of the sport opens. This of course is deer season. I thought while checking off the last days from the calendar and putting the final touches on my setup that starting a series of articles to share my insights would be fitting.  During this series we will touch on everything from tradition to tactics with a mindful twist

Water fowl talk

Welcome to fall, my friends.  With the first opener of the season now on the books and since I am a hunter I wanna share some ideas, thoughts, strategies, and tactics that I employ during early season waterfowl.  Allow me to offer a disclaimer first. “ I grew up in the world of deer hunting and adopted the world of waterfowl as means to get into the field to hunt a few weeks earlier.  So by no means do I consider myself a real waterfowl hunter.  To me it’s another avenue to do what I enjoy and I’ve grown to enjoy my time chasing geese.” With that out of the way let’s talk about what I consider my hybrid take on waterfowl hunting.

Let’s start the conversation

As I take my first steps in the goose field opening morning these wise words will be in my heart.  The reason I started this article with these words is I didn’t expect to set foot into the field this year.  If I had my way all those months ago I wouldn’t even be here to share my story.  Therefore it’s with an over abundance of gratitude I’m setting my decoys and will be blowing on my call. 

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