Guidance of the goose

This amazing creature stands guard over such virtues as kindness, compassion, faith, and endurance. With her timeless wisdom proudly on display through her daily work. She teaches an example of how we can employ all these important traits within our own lives.

If it hurts just throw it in the river

“I know each of you on this bus carrying something” he would say. “At the end of the day my route take me past the river. There is something I would like do for each of you. As you exit the bus I will be sitting here with my hand extended. It is my hope that you take those burdens off of your shoulders and place them in my hand.”

Getting back to the basics

We all have come from somewhere, which means we carry history with us. Both good and bad memories and events are stored within the pages of our life. So why run away from them? or even try to deny we lived through them. The purpose of a healing journey isn’t about washing them from the page. It’s about tapping into all of them to understand the nuts and bolts of how they shaped us. The path we are navigating is to distill the context, boil down all of that information into bite size chucks. Morales that we can use in many different ways as we walk

Are the lessons a fawn can teach us

Step out into the woods on spring day there’s something around you. Natures next generation of woodland creatures. You might even have the enjoyment of coming across a fawn who’s mother left them to hide in the tall grass. Can you find the logic with the way a doe would hide her dawn in this way, why she carry’s on with her daily transactions ?

The voice must lead you

Listen you have it’s only natural to face moments where it feels like you just can’t go on. You gotta understand and except that it’s going to happen. You can’t just beat yourself up over. Maybe you have just laid down and let the boulders roll right over you crushing you under the weight of their pressure. But that was then, and this is now. You have learned that you just can’t accept laying down any longer.

Sitting on shore

There’s no shame to be had when your facing fear or any mix of feeling because life is forcing you to boots back on a walk. The truth of the matter is that we can’t stay where we are forever. We have to reach into the unknown because that’s where the magic happens.

Born for humanity

This episode is decided to both Kelly Hanson’s sister, my dear friend Earl Williams, all those countless comrades we have lost to soon, and all of those struggles with the decision. It’s for you that we set up camp and choose to touch base and check in with on a daily basis. You can and will get through this. We have in you.

Life is more than survival mode

But what could happen if you unplugged from that point of view, if you just gave yourself credit for your surroundings? You would then find yourself open and receptive to nature and the things she has to teach you. You could finally break the patterns that keep you returning to start. Just by simply saying to yourself I’ve gather enough firewood to get through the night.

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