Guidance of the goose

This amazing creature stands guard over such virtues as kindness, compassion, faith, and endurance. With her timeless wisdom proudly on display through her daily work. She teaches an example of how we can employ all these important traits within our own lives.

The most beautiful steps are walked in the rebirth

If you scared even still just blink your eyes because the courage you’ll need to draw upon is all around you. It when you couple that courage with the will heal great things are born. Never forget the footsteps that have you here. Pay homage to that past for it is now the just sand underneath your feet. Your feet will plant themselves firmly as you continue to grow.

Discernment comes from having boot on the ground

On a cold December morning is it to cold to hit the woods to stalk a whitetail. Of course that answer varies depending on who you. The same rings true about everything in the world around us. Along with any task in life the view on it with be different for each of us.

Wild meditation

Meditation in the wild can one of most solid ways to build you practice. Just the surrounds their self serve as an invitation to tap in the stillness and peace. Wether it’s sitting along the riverbank just watching the current flow, or sitting up against a tree has the grass rustles in the wind. There’s nothing more calming. Than Mother Nature herself

Circle Celebration

The four points on a compass there are of course four directions. These directions of course indicate which direction we are walking. Which makes the compass such a brilliant aid along our journey. Since our goal is to find our true north and walk that trail to unlock all of life’s true treasures fate has laid out for us.

The wisdom is in the story

Our world was made based upon stories. Information that was passed down from generation to generation for the purpose of teaching. In this modern area those lessons can be accessed in so many different forms. We consume a vast amount of information everyday. That we must be mindful of where we gather all information from and what we allow to stick with us

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