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Mike Martin

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About Mike Martin

Mike Martin is an author and sportsman who has a lifelong struggle with his mental health. For years, it controlled him and had a negative impact on his life. Prior to undertaking his healing journey, He hid the effects of his mental health under many different masks. 

In early 2020 life handed him a perfect storm of hurdles.  These hurdles would open the door to change his life forever.  While facing his second divorce and living in his truck, Mike got curious about why the patterns of his life were always leading him back to square one.  He realized only he could build a shelter to get out of the rain of life.  

An avid outdoorsman, it was only fitting for him to turn the wilderness for help. Through his adventurers he discovered a space where he could utilize the philosophies of the stoics and backwoods to heal the traumas that triggered the depression, anxiety, and other mental health barriers that he faced.  He continues to use these principles today.

 During this outdoor healing journey Project Mindfully Outdoors was born. With so much wisdom gained along his voyage, he wanted to use this knowledge to help inspire others that face the same challenges.

“You act like mortals in all that you fear, and like immortals in all that you desire”


The journey of creation

In the spring of 2020 Project Mindfully Outdoors was founded. When Mike released his first article about the ties between the pretension of a fishing lure and anxiety disorder in a social setting just after beginning work with the Cervid Nation. For the remainder of 2020 Mike continued releasing articles around the theme of finding growth within the outdoors, mental health, and different outdoor guides.

As the blog continued to grow the project did as well with the launch of the podcast. Which originally followed the same format as the blog chronicling his journey. That was until episode 26 when the campfire sessions were added to the show. Just like every evolution of the project the campfire came about as Mike’s healing goals progressed. These sessions were intended to highlight the work he was putting into addressing and overcoming social anxiety. They have since become a staple of the podcast, The show currently highlights three conversations a week. Mike has had the honor of sitting down to share these talks with U.S. Senators, Authors, Coaches, Actors, Writers, and Masters from all walks of life.

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”


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