The wisdom of a squirrel

Along the hike he became so inquisitive with the behaviors of squirrels that he wrote a book about. Besides what felt like to has that different point of view on a subject that I really enjoy. Which gave me some new ideas I can’t wait to explore this fall. What I really enjoyed about this conversation was the way, we really explored and worked towards rendering down their habits into a way to unlock ideas we can bring into our lives

Driving directions with Erec Lindberg

Erec starts by sharing how the first life changing choice for him was to give up college to spend the year skiing. He was afraid of the ramifications that leap could hold. Still he did it, which led him down a path he might not has walked.

I would walk 500 miles for wisdom with Kathleen Donnelly Israel

The seeds that grew into this amazing book began to take shape during the 17 years that Kathleen spending taking care of her husband. Who ultimately lost his battle with Parkinson’s d

Wisdom from the trail

That reason being that a part of my journey is challenging by views about all the aspects in which I think. That sort of a mindset will present you a lot those “oh man” kind of moments.

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