How I deal in those moments of need

Way to arm yourself and ideas to pass the time it takes for them to quite down is what I want to explore with you. I will also share my safely strategy with you in this article.

Think then drink ( A water how to guide)

Did you know you can survive three days without water? It’s not really suggested you try to go those three days without it just find out. In fact it’s probably just smarter to take that fact has true you never prove to be fact. Most of us just crack open a bottle of water and never give a second thought has to drinking water and it’s safety. Well that is what we about to be doing in this article. In the event you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t have that bottle of water the ideas in this article could just save your life.

Deer Hunting Part 3 – Solitude & Thrill

At this stage of life, I often ask myself, “is hunting my identity?” As I walk through the journey, I have been thrown into this year I have had to question every aspect of myself including my relationship with hunting.

Deer series part 2 – persevering is everything

A few years back I kicked off opening week with a private land hunt.  Now hunting private land is a rare treat for me.  So to set the lay of the land, this was a small chunk of land with a nice wood line that butted up against a golf course.  Opening morning was hot and wet.  Yes it was like a dam in the sky had burst and the repair guy was on vacation.  Leading up to the start of the season deer were everywhere.  In fact pulling into camp the night before I watched 3 or 4 does feeding and hanging out.  However for the better part of the day nothing came my way and I just sat hunkered down in some dead fall in the pouring rain. 

Deer hunting series part 1

As hunting seasons begin to open up around the country it’s only a matter of a few weeks until the highlight of the sport opens. This of course is deer season. I thought while checking off the last days from the calendar and putting the final touches on my setup that starting a series of articles to share my insights would be fitting.  During this series we will touch on everything from tradition to tactics with a mindful twist

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