Born for humanity

This episode is decided to both Kelly Hanson’s sister, my dear friend Earl Williams, all those countless comrades we have lost to soon, and all of those struggles with the decision. It’s for you that we set up camp and choose to touch base and check in with on a daily basis. You can and will get through this. We have in you.

The legend of Riverhorse with Riverhorse

Those who are familiar with Patagonia fly fishing, the Fretboard journal, Fly fishing, the Surfer’s, or documentaries such has Love and Water and A Norther Light know just who I’m talking about. Not to mention all of those degenerate anglers out there and you know who you are. Will get enjoy another opportunity to jump into the ol’ canoe one more time. To take another voyage on the water with our friend Riverhorse

Outdoor healing with a sportsman part 1

Which means you have pick a spot and tap into nature. There’s a little four word statement that we live by in the wildness, “stillness is the key”.

Footsteps down the trail

Each time to repeat the cycle the only thing your getting closer to is the disastrous ended that will force you to break the cycle. We all learn by trial and error. The question is how many errors will you make until you look at yourself for the correct answers?

How I deal in those moments of need

Way to arm yourself and ideas to pass the time it takes for them to quite down is what I want to explore with you. I will also share my safely strategy with you in this article.

The connection that ties with fishing

Yes my passion for fishing has changed over the years. I just have my own stories, interests, and styles that have changed so much. Nowadays instead of chasing pan fish in the old Bayliner. I’m throwing my tiny boat in the back of my truck chasing bass. Over time I’ve grown to lust after countless other species but bass are what this man dreams of.

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