205. Where the best of you is built

episode 205

Self Investment with Bri Tartaglione

You know, it’s a lesson has old as time itself tragedy serves to center and bring us back into the moment. Whether life pulls our number leaving us to regroup when it takes something away, or it’s someone we know. It might even come along in the form it as here, meeting someone who has walked through those woods. To remind us just how fragile everything in this world truly are.

Aloneness is much different than being on your own

Neither of which hold much promise of a healthy or stable long term outcome. Still find ourselves just drifting along the path following a mission, or term that we don’t know what it truly looks like. All because we think we know, but we really may not know. Or simply because we hope someone will do the work for us.

Wisdom from the trail

That reason being that a part of my journey is challenging by views about all the aspects in which I think. That sort of a mindset will present you a lot those “oh man” kind of moments.

A stroll down memory lane with Jack Krammer

One of my favorite aspects of my conversation with Jack was his approach. It was very interesting how our conversation took shape. Where I had thought going in we would be focusing on his story and work.

This is the reason why

This building a little trust within yourself. Epictetus once talked about how important learning through experience is, so don’t hang your head of all those times you came away a just a little bit short or the one that got away. Instead look at for what it for what a truly was an experience you got live and pack the lessons that came with into your backpack for the time you get to put them into practice…..

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