It’s All Connection and Little Bit of Grit

Grit and connection have become the two words I can define my 2020 deer hunting season by. Even though I am still chasing deer this year I want to share how those two words have shaped my time in the deer woods this season.

Deer Hunting Part 3 – Solitude & Thrill

At this stage of life, I often ask myself, “is hunting my identity?” As I walk through the journey, I have been thrown into this year I have had to question every aspect of myself including my relationship with hunting.

Deer hunting series part 1

As hunting seasons begin to open up around the country it’s only a matter of a few weeks until the highlight of the sport opens. This of course is deer season. I thought while checking off the last days from the calendar and putting the final touches on my setup that starting a series of articles to share my insights would be fitting.  During this series we will touch on everything from tradition to tactics with a mindful twist

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