Driving directions with Erec Lindberg

Erec starts by sharing how the first life changing choice for him was to give up college to spend the year skiing. He was afraid of the ramifications that leap could hold. Still he did it, which led him down a path he might not has walked.

Remember the Alamo

The only thing you can do is embrace it and make it yours. One of my favorite stories about not only holding on to a message so believed in, but also seeing it through no matter what the change would become. Is that of the Alamo and ultimately the death of Dave’s Crockett.

A way of the land

There are seven pillars at the core of North American conversation practices. These pillars are part of what is know as the North American model of wildlife conservation. All though it wasn’t formally adopted until 2001, it’s roots can be traced as far back as the 19th century. Around the time when species such asContinue reading “A way of the land”

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