There are hills and valleys

There will always be hills and valleys along this journey. No matter how much time and practice that you put in. The peaks will always feel tall your standing in the clouds, and lows will make you feel like you just can’t swim anymore.

The tool that gets you out in the field

Most states offer an interactive map on their states game and fish website. Another basic tool you can look at is Google Earth. However over the past few years a few good navigation apps geared for hunters have popped up. With OnX hunting being the industry leader of the pack.

The most beautiful steps are walked in the rebirth

If you scared even still just blink your eyes because the courage you’ll need to draw upon is all around you. It when you couple that courage with the will heal great things are born. Never forget the footsteps that have you here. Pay homage to that past for it is now the just sand underneath your feet. Your feet will plant themselves firmly as you continue to grow.

The crane and the fish

We all come from somewhere, which means that we carry a history with us that consists of both good and bad memories, along with events, all of which are stored in the pages of our life story. So why run from them? Or why even deny that we live through them? Because the purpose of this healing journey isn’t to wash all all of that away from the pages. It’s about tapping into all the things that are under the hood. We have to boil down and distill everything to the nuts and bolts to understand how they shaped us. See, the path is something that we walk and we carry within us this mindset and this perception. And it’s all shaped by each and every one of those events from the moment that we were born until the moment that we’re standing here now.

Circle Celebration

The four points on a compass there are of course four directions. These directions of course indicate which direction we are walking. Which makes the compass such a brilliant aid along our journey. Since our goal is to find our true north and walk that trail to unlock all of life’s true treasures fate has laid out for us.

Why an outdoor healing journey and how to get started

We all carry this book with us thought out our life. It’s pages are written one page at time. This makes up the life that live. The arch of that story is filled with its share ups and downs, it also is layered with it’s fair share of obstacles. Each and every page that is written not only stays with but also shapes the way navigate through the world.

Self Investment with Bri Tartaglione

You know, it’s a lesson has old as time itself tragedy serves to center and bring us back into the moment. Whether life pulls our number leaving us to regroup when it takes something away, or it’s someone we know. It might even come along in the form it as here, meeting someone who has walked through those woods. To remind us just how fragile everything in this world truly are.

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