Story Ark

Life has a story isn’t perfect. It was never intended to be. The story comes with its ups and downs has it builds this brilliant ark. It’s twisting plot the leads you one way, and then the next. None that is in your control. So why fight it any long? Why even cover it up with a mask? The real question worth asking yourself here is this, how come your fighting the current? Wouldn’t it much easier to allow the current to aid you along?

The many fingers of grief with Page Park

But, that’s just one aspect of grief. As you will be able to fully understand through out our discussion. We all get touched by all the different fingers of grief all the time. Though the loss of relationships, a job, or the loss of anything else close to us.

The new beginning with Daniel Jackson

Over a year ago mine and Daniel Jackson’s paths first crossed. In fact we recorded this really cool and interesting conversation that became our Halloween episode that year. The reason I chose to air that conversation on Halloween is because of Daniel’s back ground. He is a Spirit medium Spirit medium.

Driving directions with Erec Lindberg

Erec starts by sharing how the first life changing choice for him was to give up college to spend the year skiing. He was afraid of the ramifications that leap could hold. Still he did it, which led him down a path he might not has walked.

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