The many fingers of grief with Page Park

But, that’s just one aspect of grief. As you will be able to fully understand through out our discussion. We all get touched by all the different fingers of grief all the time. Though the loss of relationships, a job, or the loss of anything else close to us.

A way of the land

There are seven pillars at the core of North American conversation practices. These pillars are part of what is know as the North American model of wildlife conservation. All though it wasn’t formally adopted until 2001, it’s roots can be traced as far back as the 19th century. Around the time when species such asContinue reading “A way of the land”

The new you, who knew with author David Edwards

I think is a Beautiful thought to leave you with on your journey, towards the new you that you never knew was underneath whatever your still carrying. So I hope you take a listen to my conversation with David Edwards, and check out his book the new you, who knew.

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