How I deal in those moments of need

Way to arm yourself and ideas to pass the time it takes for them to quite down is what I want to explore with you. I will also share my safely strategy with you in this article.

Water fowl talk

Welcome to fall, my friends.  With the first opener of the season now on the books and since I am a hunter I wanna share some ideas, thoughts, strategies, and tactics that I employ during early season waterfowl.  Allow me to offer a disclaimer first. “ I grew up in the world of deer hunting and adopted the world of waterfowl as means to get into the field to hunt a few weeks earlier.  So by no means do I consider myself a real waterfowl hunter.  To me it’s another avenue to do what I enjoy and I’ve grown to enjoy my time chasing geese.” With that out of the way let’s talk about what I consider my hybrid take on waterfowl hunting.

Let’s start the conversation

As I take my first steps in the goose field opening morning these wise words will be in my heart.  The reason I started this article with these words is I didn’t expect to set foot into the field this year.  If I had my way all those months ago I wouldn’t even be here to share my story.  Therefore it’s with an over abundance of gratitude I’m setting my decoys and will be blowing on my call. 

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